President’s Message 2016-17

Chuck Lamb2017-18 Theme
First, let me thank you for your interest in our Rossmoor Rotary Club!

We are a “Service” organization, we are all very proud of what we’ve done over the years, proud of what we are currently doing and proud to be a part of what Rotary accomplishes internationally.

This year our international Rotary Theme is “Rotary Serving Humanity” and we are. This is especially true as we close in on irradiating Polio from the face of the earth, which we are expecting to be able to announce later this year.

I’m Chuck Lamb, our Rossmoor Rotary Club President for 2016-2017. I invite you to look around in our site. You will find our history, our members, our goals, our activities and our calendar of events as well as our Foundation and its focuses, our meeting times and location, just about everything you might want to know about our club.

On a personal note, I joined Rossmoor Rotary because as the Manager of Rossmoor Realty, I was very familiar with what the Rossmoor Rotary club was and is doing in Rossmoor and I simply found being a part of this very effective and respected service focused club to be very attractive. I wanted to help.

I also found that some very nice, very smart, very committed people very much worth getting to know and socialize with.

Rotary likes to make serving enjoyable so almost everything is done in a fun way. I have enjoyed and I suspect you too will enjoy the activities of the Rossmoor Rotary, they are all great fun.

This year we are expecting to advance to new levels while we celebrate our 50th year of service to Rossmoor and Rotary International.

We are a group of people who’ve come together to do good things for others with a need. We’re focused primarily right here in our own Tice Valley and the surrounding communities.

If after checking out our web site you have interest in checking out our club, I invite you to call any of our members or me personally to answer any questions or to invite you to a meeting to really check us out.

Enjoy, Yours in Rotary Service

Chuck Lamb
President of the Rossmoor Rotary Club 2016-17