Club History

Greetings from the Rotary Club of Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, California. Chartered in 1965. We are about 50 Rotarians helping our community and playing an active part in International and World Community Service. You are invited to take some time to visit our web site and learn more about us.

Rotary provides an opportunity for you to make a difference:

In the Club… meeting people and making new friends, finding solutions to today’s challenges, helping improve the lives of those in need, making a difference in the world, fellowship, business contacts, family involvement and friendships that will last a lifetime.

In the Community… senior service, scholarships, city beautification, helping the homeless, the sick and the hungry, serving at community events.

In the World… eradicating polio, housing the homeless, providing school books, ambulances, computers, scholarship, vocational training, microcredit and medical assistance for the needy.

If you live in Rossmoor or in the area around Walnut Creek, California and are interested in learning more about Rotary, please contact us. We will be pleased to talk to you about Rotary and how you, too, may become a member of this International service organization.

Willard M. Broxham 2021-2022 C. David Brown 2022-2023
James W. Olson 2019-2020 Steven M. Elefant 2020-2021
E. Patrice Jensen 2017-2018 John P. King 2018-2019
Igor Kipnis 2015-2016 Charles “Chuck” T. Lamb 2016-17
Pam Regatuso 2013-2014 Joy Alaidarous 2014-15
Rick Sweeney 2011-2012 John M. Rice 2012-13
Nancy Flautt 2009-2010 Don Peterson 2010-2011
Kenneth Miller 2007-2008 Steven “Shags” Shagrin 2008-2009
Bert Corbett 2005-2006 Charles “Chuck” Dormann 2006-2007
Gordon Addison 2003-2004 Kenneth Quiat 2004-2005
Fred Ackerman 2001-2002 Gene Wilson 2002-2003
Sandie Shields 1999-2000 Ken Manning 2000-2001
Bob Falco 1997-1998 Mike McGuire 1998-1999
Steve Henson 1995-1996 Bill Aubry 1996-1997
Harold Edwin Buchman 1993-1994 Harris Stone 1994-1995
David Colville 1991-1992 Thomas W. Mooney II 1992-1993
Jack Upp 1989-1990 Robert O. Sprague 1990-1991
Charles Hope 1987-1988 Richard Miles 1988-1989
William L. Reiser 1985-1986 Arnold Crompton 1986-1987
Newman Buckley 1983-1984 Arthur Hargrave 1984-1985
Wilson Turner 1981-1982 Robert R. Mauser 1982-1983
John Esau 1979-1980 Lawrence A. Schultz 1980-1981
William E. Teutschel 1977-1978 Norris Nash 1978-1979
Willaim H. Ross 1975-1976 Andrew E. Kurth 1976-1977
John E. Landry 1973-1974 Donald W. McColly 1974-1975
Frank H. Case 1971-1972 Walter A. Kuenzel 1972-1973
Robert C. Wilcox 1969-1970 Philip J. Fields 1970-1971
Charles C. Hall 1967-1968 H. Thurston Hatch 1968-1969
Stephen Johnson 1965-1966 John A. Deadrich 1966-1967